4th Chakra


This chakra is the center of the noble sentiments. The heart chakra is a center of balance that makes the link between the three chakras located below and which relate to the physical, and the three above that relate to the spiritual plane.
This chakra is related to love that man feels for the woman or parents for the child, Anahata also expresses Divine Love, Cosmic Love, Love of all being, of any element of the Creation. It is a bit of Christ’s heart that beats in the heart of each of us.



Sanskrit name: Anahata

Meaning: inaudible sound

Common Name: Heart Chakra

FR: on the sternum between the two breasts (at the nipples)
BACK: between the shoulder blades / back D5-D6

• Self-acceptance, wisdom
• love (the one that can receive and one that can be given)
• compassion
• Awareness of the action group
• promotes the communion of ideas

• linked to the life experiences from 21 to 28 years
• intermediary between the body and the mind (physically and spiritually)

Body / Aura: Astral

Glands: Thymus

Hormones: Thymus hormone

• heart, lungs (lung tissue), diaphragm, breasts
• blood circulatory system
• rib cage, shoulders, forearms, arms, ribs, thoracic vertebrae, hands (without bones)

Sense: Touching

• the heart chakra is the center of energy. It is a real “bridge” between our physical be (first three chakras) and spiritual (three chakras).
• the heart chakra generates positive and can’t give negative.
• experienced love at the heart chakra is very different from the 2nd wich is more carnal and passionate.
• with the fourth chakra, the love expressed radiates outward in a state of being expressing love and compassion to everything that comes within reach
• It is the divine presence of an empathic link rather than the extension of a need or a desire.

• Love
• compassion
• sorry
• inspiration
• hope
• trust
• self-healing capacity
• ability to help others heal

Form of energy: Gas

Creative energy: • affective, generosity of heart

Manifested energy:
• this chakra is either open or closed, but does not work in reverse.
• If the energy of this chakra down there accentuation of emotions:
– jealousy
– bitterness
– hatred
– Difficulty forgiving
– Anger, grief
– egocentrism
– Non-self-love

Psychological influences:
• There is no thought forms issued from the 4th chakra.
• We know that the products thymus lymphocytes (T cells), for the development of our immune terrain. The non-self-love or the issuance of thought suggesting that one is not loved, will generate immunodeficiencies.

Essential oils:
• Benjoin
• Lavender
• Lemon balm
• Patchouli
• Rose…

• heart disease (myocardial infarction, valvular dysfunction, angina …)
• lung, breast, skin
• bronco-pneumonia, all skin problems
• dorsal vertebrae (bones out)

• Fear of loneliness
• Fear of commitment, to follow the path of his heart
• Fear of being unable to protect themselves emotionally
• Fear of betrayal

Spiritual aspect:
• the spiritual lesson of this chakra is to bring:
– Love
– Forgiveness
– Compassion
• intermediary between the physical body and the spirit
• the first 3 chakras are related to the physical body
• 4th chakra mediates between the physical body and the spiritual body.
• 3 upper chakras are related to the spiritual body

Food: Vegetables

Color: Green (and sometimes pink)

Right: To Love

Element: Air

Mantra: Yam

Metal: Copper

• Emerald
• Jade
• Rose Quartz …

Keyword: I like

Note: Fa

Planet: Venus

To remember

Heart Chakra balanced: Compassion, desire to care for others, to developing unconditional love. Open, friendly, in touch with his feelings chakras.

Heart Chakra overdeveloped: Demanding, overly critical, possessive, moody, depressed, master of conditional love. Tendency to excessive generosity for the sole purpose of having a return in recognition. Tendency to excessive unshared and devastating amorous passions. Sense of superiority due to a love of self too exclusive. Feeling of being exploited and misunderstood by others because of excessive love that their door.

Heart Chakra weak or blocked: Paranoia, indecision, desire to cling to objects or people, fear of rejection and need to be constantly reassured. Inability to love, indifference. Inability to show his love for fear of rejection and failure. frequent disappointments in love, feeling rejected. Lack of generosity, selfishness, withdrawal, loneliness.

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