5th Chakra


The fifth chakra is the center of communication, self-expression, creativity. It is through it that we hear his inner voice because it is connected to the sense of hearing and ether element, or Akasha.

When awake and purified, it promotes telepathy and channeling information. Vishuddha is the door leading to higher levels of consciousness. We could watch this chakra as an “energy mouth.”

It is intimately linked to our personal expression. Not only our speaking, dependent on breathing, but simply the expression of our ego, our inner personality. The more we are fulfilled, thorough exploitation of all our potential, this chakra radiates more.

Work on it means we will change the world with confidence and serenity. Through this chakra, we address the phenomenon of externalizing our inner universe. If it is harmonious, melted in Creation, then we will be perceived as we are, strong, peaceful, rich and bright.



Sanskrit name: Vishuddha

Meaning: Purification

Common Name: Throat Chakra

FR: in the hollow of the throat
BACK: C4-C5 cervical chakras

• Communication with others (speaking and listening)
• Intuitive communication (intuitive flashes)
• creativity, creation by the verb
• self expression
• expression of thoughts
• expression of emotions
• integrity, purification

• the life experiences of 28 to 35 years
• closely linked to the second chakra

Body / Aura: Causal

Glands: Thyroid and parathyroid

Hormones: Thyroxine

• mouth and that it contains:
– Teeth (chakras 1 and 5)
– gums
– Jaw (TMJ)
• bronchi, throat, ears, voice
• nodes
• neck
• middle ear
• respiratory system
• trachea and its extension on the air
• cervical vertebrae and shoulder (bone out)

Sens: Hearing

Actions: When this chakra which was closed beginning to open, occur conscious and subconscious waves (dreams), as well as creative explosions, desires change. This opening can be achieved by singing, theater …

Forces: Awareness of unblocking

Energy Form: Vibration

Creative energy: • the development of this chakra promotes clairaudience

Manifested energy: Good communication is not only to be able to share feelings with others. It also means being able to interact with different conscious and unconscious parts of oneself.

Psychological influences:
When the 5th chakra is overwhelmed by emotions and feelings, we have little chance to access yourself …
“Swallowing his emotions”
“Not being able to express their fears”
“Feeling of being isolated” …
This leads to malfunctions in the throat, thyroid …

 Essential oils:
• Eucalyptus
• Lavender
• Myrrh
• Hemlock
• Rosemary …

• cardiac events
• asthma
• neck pain, neck, shoulders
• lymph node enlargement
• laryngitis
• headache
• Cervical scoliosis
• sinus
• thyroid disorders
• language disorder (stammering, stuttering, insecurity, nervousness, shyness, tendency to lies, voice broken …)
• cervical vertebrae (bones out)

• Fear of losing material survival
• the abandonment of Fear

Spiritual aspect:
• the spiritual lessons that can be learned from the fifth chakra teaches that acts motivated through individual and spiritual guidance will are those that produce the best results.
• agree to be guided by the Divine can also have a beneficial effect on our thoughts and our attitudes.

Food: Fruits

Color: Light blue

Right: To speak and be heard

Element: Ether

Mantra: Ham

Metal: Mercury

• Aquamarine
• Celestine …

Keyword: I communicate

Note: Sol

Planet: Mercury

To remember

Balanced throat chakra: Centered, combative, good speaker, possibly inspired musician or painter, attracted to meditation and spiritual wisdom chakras.

Overdeveloped throat chakra: arrogance, complacency, dogmatic, exaggerated speech … Tendency uninterrupted gossip, verbal diarrhea. monomaniac behavior, lack of listening skills. Will always be right, bad faith. hypochondriacal tendencies. excessive movement of the arms, hands and theatrical gestures when even casual conversations. Tend to excite the debates to excess. Tendency to compulsive lying and megalomania

Weak or blocked throat chakra: Shyness, babble, stuttering, language difficulties. Nervousness, words that are scrambling, rambling or incoherent speech, wireless driver. Broken voice, shrill or inaudible. Lack of facial expressions, little body movements and hands during a conversation. Insecurity, doubt his own powers of persuasion, unnatural, sincerity, tend to repeated lies.

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