6th Chakra


It is from the 6th chakra that is transmitted to the lower chakras intuition. Therefore Ajna is called the third eye, the eye of intuition. It is the link between our higher consciousness and ego and between higher brain faculties and instinctive brain functions.

Linked to mind, this chakra is represented with two petals that are connected to the right and left lobes of the pituitary gland and are also attached to the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

The right hemisphere is the seat of intuition, the left is the seat of intelligence. Here sits the heavenly marriage of the sun and the moon, culminating in the opening of the third eye and sixth sense evolved. The three main nadis, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, unite here before ascending to the crown chakra.



Sanskrit name: Ajna

Meaning: Command

Common Name: Chakra of the 3rd eye

FR: on the forehead, between the eyebrows 2
BACK: occiput chakras

• Self reflection
• foresight
• inner balance
• imagination
• intuition

Links: the cosmos

Body / Aura: Boudhique (divine vitality)

Glands: Pituitary / pituitary

Hormones: vasopressin

• brain (bottom)
• nose, sinus
• left eye
• inner ears (part of extrasensory hearing)
• neurological party involved in the hearing

Sens: Divine Vitality

• learn to listen to their inner guidance
• faculties of the third eye is enhanced by meditation. During meditation, the Pineal gland Pituitary and go emit a beam of energy which will join the 3rd eye.
• can lead to intuition and wisdom
• Its action is linked to our emotional intelligence

Forces: able to distinguish thoughts guided by force and those formed by fear and illusion

Energy Form: Luminescence

Creative energy:
• faculty of mind and reasoning
• ability to use our beliefs and attitudes. An attitude is always the result of a belief

Manifested energy: • the 6th chakra will help us to open our minds and access the detachment

Psychological influences:
• ability to see clearly into the hole of our emotions.
• This chakra is related to the emotional and mental

Essential oils:
• White Spruce
• Lavender
• Peppermint
• Rosemary …

• learning difficulties
• dyslexia
• epilepsy
• spinal cord
• blindness problems
• neurological disorders
• brain tumors

• afraid to dig his own fears
• afraid to trust the advice of others
• fear of judgment

Spiritual aspect: the goal with this chakra is to achieve wisdom through the experiences of life, the discernment that allows the detachment.

Food: Entheogens

Color: Indigo

Right: To see

Element: Light

Mantra: Om

Metal: Silver

• Lapis Lazuli
• Sapphire
• Quartz …

Keyword: I see

Note: La

Planet: Jupiter and Neptune

To remember

3rd eye chakra balanced: Detachment from material possessions, fear of death disappears, telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, chakras access to past lives.

3rd eye chakra overdeveloped: Proud, religiously dogmatic, manipulative and egotistical. Tendency to excessive intellectualization of the least thing; conversely, trends mysticism and irrationality too marked with, in both cases, an unconscious rejection of the body, material things and pleasure. Complex intellectual superiority, contempt for others, arrogance. Rejection of everyday life, material goods, inability to have normal social relationships, trends dominating in the field of spirituality, certainty to hold the Truth, inability to doubt

3rd eye chakra weak or blocked: Hypersensitive to the feelings of others, no insured and unable to distinguish the ego of the higher self. Inability to intellectualization, disinterest cultures, knowledge, science, lack of curiosity. Rejection of spirituality, rational mind to excess, extreme attachment to material things and physical pleasures. Deficiency of intuition and extrasensory perception. Inferiority complex, behavior of “sheep” in society, adherence to preconceived ideas, prejudice, lack of personality, critical thinking, character and free will.

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