7th Chakra


The 7th chakra is connected with the pineal gland and our spiritual guide. In Christian popular imagery, it is represented by the halo of saints.

This chakra is beyond the physical body and even primary etheric body. It is the dove of the spirit whose wings are top of the Tree of Life. It is also the point of a triangle whose base is the line joining the two zones of psychic display located behind the ears.

Is it that, in some way, “sanctify” the heads of snakes. It is the perfect illustration of the Universal Consciousness, Divine, transcendent action of all other chakras, and opening the doors of the Kingdom of the Almighty.



Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara

Meaning: A thousand times as much

Common name: Crown Chakra

Location: at the top of the head, under the fontanelle

• understanding
• knowledge
• cosmic consciousness, transcendent
• analytical mind
• connected to the divine

Links: the cosmos

Body / Aura: Atmic (divine spirit)

Glands: Pineal / epiphysis (the pineal gland is the transceiver center telepathic waves.)

Hormones: Serotonin

• brain (top)
• Cerebral cortex
• right eye

Sens: Empathy

Actions: feeds the 6 lower chakras

• Knowledge
• comprehension
• transcendent consciousness
• insights into the healing process

Energy Form: Conscience

Creative energy: the entry point to the physical body of creative Force (cosmic energy, vital energy, God)

Manifested energy:
• connects the physical body to the 7 chakras
• seat of Prana

Psychological influences:
• the ability to raise our consciousness
• degrees of confidence that surpasses human fears

Essential oils: • Frankincense (incense) …

• Memory loss
• epilepsy, if not due to non-physiological phenomena but extrasensory order.
• Suicidal thoughts

• Fear of losing his beliefs
• Fear of losing its identity (emotions, memories, Form-Thoughts …)

Spiritual aspect:
• linked to the spiritual qualities of spirituality
• linked to our feelings about spirituality, divinity of the notions of good and bad

Food: Fasting

Color: White / White-violet

Law: Knowing

Element: Thought

Mantra: Ham so

Metal: Gold

• Amethyst
• Fluorine
• Diamond …

Keyword: I know

Note: Si

Planet: Uranus

To remember

Balanced crown chakra: Opening to the divine energy, total access to the unconscious and subconscious.

Overdeveloped crown chakra: Frustration and frequent migraines

Weak or blocked crown chakra: Uncertainty, missing the joy of physical spark

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