Partners in life and in business, passion, progress and innovation, this is who we are ans were was born Moca Import.

So here I present us Andréanne Dubois and Martin Benoit, Founders of the company Moca Import Inc. We are pleased to invite you to our uniqueness and beauty infinite universe.

Our entry into the world of journey for us was a great revelation . Indeed, we dived headfirst and confidence in this guidance we were still unknown. Thus, all new revelations and were arrived with open arms. These new perceptions obviously brought us on the track of new passions such Lithotherapy , Aromatherapy and Design Trends Current tending towards the opening of a new consciousness .

We are located on the North Shore of Montreal . By selecting the Web , we saw an opportunity to serve the entire province and any other province that lend themselves well to be able to touch and benefit the greatest number of fans possible, just like us.

In business for several years , Martin has managed to draw the first steps of the company by his experience both in business and in terms of innovation. For what is on my side , as designer , inspiration is to go for the product design and the “colors” of the company. Finally, the two of us , our common passion is reflected in the quality that we want to offer in every stone , every item that we import , they are chosen with care and precision .

Undoubtedly, our priority is your satisfaction and we do our first motto! Of high-quality products “At wholesale prices ” , with unparalleled personalized service and customer-centric approach. Our human and accessible side is , according to many, what sets us apart.

So it is with great pride and happiness, we invite you into our world of passion, we hope, will charm you with its beauty as by its simplicity.

Welcome ( Svāgatam ) …