The term ” Aura ” comes from the Old French ” Aure ” which means : gentle wind , itself derived from the word “Aura” which in Latin means: breeze. Since antiquity , we find the concept of air , not an earthly point of view but , thanks to poets, in direct contact with the light and the divine.

I recall that many deities were also represented with a drape or at the body (in Latin ), or at the head ( in Greek ) who was often inflated by the wind , this air, in connection with the Divine.

We find the concept of Aura related to esotericism at the end of the 18th , where the aura represent the colored halo that surrounds every living being ( human , animal or plant ), which represents the energy of the person.

Often the aura and the energetic reading of it brings to see where exactly is the problem of the person and hence can act on the causes of ill-being , including remotely through a simple photo .

The colors of the aura

The aura is a kind of etheric envelope that surrounds the human body. Composed of fluid forces that each of us possesses, it is easily perceived by the seers and medium, especially clairvoyance; and reading the colors of the aura, we can learn a lot about the person.

The ability and strengthened to see aura can be develop, particularly through the work of our chakras and meditation. Our aura, which is a concentrated energy vibrates in his or her colors, is this energy, this aura that make that someone  attracts us and repels us spontaneously, the famous “I don’t know why but this one, i can’t feel it”, which is purpose, an instinctive reading of the aura of the person.

Each of us has experienced this, and we can work this ability to read auras. Psychics read well the aura surrounding a person on his picture and it allows them to feel the state of the person, both physically and psychologically. The color of the aura can vary, for example when one is angry, so she pulls on the red, but generally, will reflect the spiritual evolution and keeps a clean hue to the point where the person is with his qualities own.

The aura is not uni-color, it retains its general color and may be colored differently by layer occasionally depending on the context. It is also thanks to our aura, which is as unique as our fingerprints, that the spirits, guides, deceased, may know who we are and decide whether to contact us.


Red in the aura represents strength, life , vigor and power; but be careful because you can quickly find there also the impulsive side of a nervous temperament and of course anger also . But the red in the aura can also represent love or friendship , sensuality , at least everything that relates to feelings in strength and depth . More red in the aura is dark and more intense are emotions as such as passionate love or extreme anger if you pull on the red black, more red is  clear and more it symbolizes the strength, energy and momentum of the person.


The orange in the aura is a good vitality and well balanced ; the person has a strong personality , a highly reflective , ambition , sociability and altruism . Color of healing, orange in the aura reflected good health  or sometimes, a healing in process . But orange is also the creativity of the person , artistry , passion for certain areas and a good self image , not pride but confidence.


Yellow in the aura represents the psyche , intellect and reflection, it is also the color of spirituality , personal development and spiritual capacities . More yellow in the aura is brighter and more the intellectual and spiritual evolution is great in person. But the yellow in the aura is also the flow of hope , optimism , friendship and inspiration . If yellow is pale , the person has trouble deciding and trust itself, it quickly loses hope or do not feel up to it. But yellow gold reflects her boundless intellectual energy , some very high spirituality and charism .


Pink in the aura represents friendship , emotions , devotion and modesty. For example, we find a lighter pink in a new romantic relationship , before feelings become stronger and more feelings will grow more pink darken until it becomes red. But pink in the aura can also reflect an immature character , deceitful , in shades so dark or disorders. Pink will act on the physical through the psyche and it can revitalize , strengthen the nervous system and increase the willingness of the person and the enjoy of life.


Green in the aura represents rebirth , renewal, prosperity and success ; but the green tones are very important because if an emerald green means healing gifts and harmony between one’s body and soul , a dark shade green represents lies, deceit , cunning , betrayal and jealousy. This dark green in the aura show that the person has few critical sens and rather blame others than to take responsibility. By cons , a bright green will show a balance body and mind and an open mind.


Blue in the aura is the elevation of the spirit and intellectual nobility as heart ; it is a symbol of idealism , spirituality , altruism , sincerity , loyalty and integrity . Blue in the aura means meditation, deep reflection , wisdom and creativity. Blue often shows that the person has succeeded socially , it is a sign of great communication, exchanges , sharing, and desire to guide, both spiritually and in terms of magnetism and healing. Light blue in the aura will show intuitive qualities , sincere , generous , communicative and mystical , while a darker blue will represent his devotion, future opportunities , clairvoyance , spirituality and the quest for fair .


Purple in the aura represents spirituality , it is the color of a rise , devotion and selflessness . Wisdom , compassion, serenity and love of the other are symbols of purple. We often found purple from clairvoyant , mediums, and in all spiritual people who receive messages from the beyond. Whatever shades of purple , the color is always the same, inner calm , zen, meditation and a very open mind.


Black in the aura represents everything that is unhealthy , malicious, evil , hateful , angry to the extreme, mean and cruel. Black is the worst color can have the aura. It shows that the person is not good, but rather envious , jealous , vindictive , and generally negative . However on the black in the aura , it is important to dig deeper , because black can also demonstrate injury from previous lives , bodies affecting the person, rather serious health problems or even a huge problem at chakras and energy balance.


White in the aura represents purity , truth, justice, righteousness and benevolence. A person with a white aura will be almost “divine” , she will reach a spiritual evolution as it can almost not be reincarnated . Divine or angelic color, white in the aura also symbolizes in a woman during pregnancy or about to be . White can also represent entities close to the person , such as angels or spiritual guides.


Brown in the aura represents in appearance between red and black , malice , selfishness and jealousy. The brown symbolizes anger, hatred and very dark and negative character of a person .


If the aura reflect rainbow stripes, the person has a strong healing power, energies are not yet fully mastered (which may be the case if the person is in the beginnings of its incarnations), but the energy is strong, great and mighty.


Silver in the aura represents intuition and an open mind, the person is receptive , attentive , open,  rugged, determined to go after things . The person who has silver in his aura is comforting , reassuring , it feels intuitively what to do or say.