Esoteric / Esoterism

Esoteric and esoterism meaning…

The word “esoteric” comes from the Greek esôtirokos,” which means “go inward” versus “exoterikos“, “outward”. Already Aristotle in Greek schools of wisdom, we find that word. He then refers tothe instruction given to advanced disciples, while the other addresses to the crowd. The esoteric teaching is reserved for insiders.

Esoteric is an idea, act, work proposing an interpretation of the world, on the one hand occult, symbolic, other reserved for a limited number of insiders.

The word “esotericism”, meanwhile, was invented much later (in 1828). Esotericism becomes a reality in itself. Esotericism refers to a set of movements and doctrines within an elite secret teaching, often accessed through an initiation.

The esoteric teaching always involves two types of knowledge: theory and study, or: internalization and practice (eg meditation, invocations, magic, etc..

The esoteric teaching sits primarily on cosmology, anthropology or theosophy. By cosmology means, knowledge of the phenomena and causes of the world: principle, law, elements, etc.. Anthropologyby means study of the human, its origin, its role in the world. By theosophy means the perception of wisdom and the plan (without doubt divine, sacred) who is behind all this, the desire to participate inits completion.

Since we gave several definitions. We could summarize by observing the main characteristics that define it:

1. Unification

Esotericism tends towards the unification of knowledge of all philosophical and religious traditions.

2. The Golden Age

Esotericism almost always refers to a golden age when human beings with knowledge which is then lost through time.

3. Correspondence

The doctrine asserts the existence of a link between all parts of the universe in all its levels of reality, visible and invisible, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large.

4 The symbolic.

The esoteric symbols used. These can be borrowed from nature as well as culture. Function symbol in esotericism is to signify something other than the mundane sense, showing either a profound sense, an approximate representation of a spiritual experience. Mention may be made as frequently used in various esoteric traditions symbols, the golden magical and mysterious virtues or the numberPi (from mathematics) the pentagram or hexagram (borrowed from geometry), but also in large animals symbolic fillers such as snake, turtle, toad or the goat, flowers powerfully evocative as Lotus orRose.

5. Nature

Esotericism considers nature as a living organism that travels great spiritual energy, a vital energy that gives it its beauty, unity and life. She believes that we are part of a whole and that we are notseparate from nature.

Esotericism still is not learned, it is experienced in the life of each through different paths: alternative medicine (Reiki, magnetizer, acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, etc.)., Power stones (crystal healing) , power of essential oils (aromatherapy), meditation, clairvoyance, dreams, astral travel, paranormal, symbolic objects, sacred geometry, etc..