Learn more about meditation


The word meditation comes from the Latin meditatum, later translated into meditatio, it means a mental or spiritual practice to focus attention on a single thought with great concentration of mind to reflect further.

Philosophy of meditation
It is of course reflect on a principle of life, a philosophy, a religious thought or simply on itself, but meditation also leads to rebalance our energies in particular by working on our chakras.
obviously include meditation in Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Yoga, Islam, Christendom, etc …

Meditation practice
This meditative practice designed to bring inner peace, altered states of consciousness but also mental calm and great relaxation can be achieved in various ways such as by the breath and controlled breathing, the sound (mantra for example) visualization …
We will return in future articles on different meditation techniques, but it is important to remember that whatever the medium, only the target account: achieving mental calm that allows greater openness whatsoever throughout  our environment, our thoughts or our energies.

Meditation is the basis for everything related to the esoteric practices as it allows to focus only on our energy and feel evolve as and practice in our body.


Start meditating
It is useless to want to go too fast in meditation, under penalty of leapfrog and not get to get let go hoped. The first objective is not to rush but to aim above all peace of mind, serenity.
The best is not necessarily working time (especially for beginners) but rather to work regularly: 1 to 2 times per week over 15 to 20 minutes is well, especially if we keep this as often as possible pace.


How to meditate
You can meditate in your bedroom, your living room, terrace even if you feel like it, in the quiet and total darkness or with eyes open surrounding noise, you can choose to listen to relaxing music or not, no matter as long as you’re comfortable with your choices. Some say it should be ignored, others not …. The most important is your own feelings, try the worst! Test various places, various positions … So find what best suits you.
Once settled, focus on your breathing, inhale through the nose, not the mouth inhaling deeply through the abdomen, and then you slowly exhale through your mouth and stay focused on your breathing and only your breathing.
At first, this concentration of labor will seem difficult, you will see very quickly your thoughts wander to the everyday things (work, invoice, mother, girlfriend, boyfriend …), it then useless to force things and s ‘upset. This is quite normal, you just when you see your mind is distracted, the return on your breath and try to stay concentrated again.


Learn to meditate
You will gradually learn to focus more time on your breath without drifting and from there you will get a drop intellectual and spiritual outlet. Then mastering helping, you can leisurely meditate on some points, work on your energy, your chakras, or even view and learn to magnetize. But the road is long, labor and significant training.


Only you will be your own guide
Only you will advance at your own pace, keeping in mind  detachment which is not the present moment, the here and now. It is a calm mind compared to all polluting thoughts that haunt us from morning to night, lower situations, problems to dive deeper in you and try to better you understand yourself .

Meditation is therefore not a technique per se, but it is an understanding, an awareness of what we really are, deep within ourselves, meditate is to become witness to just observe the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that are in us. It is a process to no longer identify with the outer personality with the ego.
It is a detachment of our thoughts and especially our emotions that we will go for our meditation practice to observe, down, from a new perspective, to analyze, dissect, understand.