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Keywords : manifestation, will, creativity, imagination, mental clarity

Elements : fire

Chakra: Solar Plexus (3rd) , sacred / haras (2nd), root ( 1st )

Problems: Excellent for overcoming depression , fears and phobias

alleviate SAD

heal degenerative diseases

Aids digestion by producing enzymes


delivery Soothes family disagreements or collective


African Citrine description

African Citrine is our greatest ally in the manifestation process . So it greatly increases our energy creative and our commitment , increasing our ability to materialize energy. Imagination , Einstein said , is more important than knowledge . Knowledge refers to facts or principles known and , therefore, is rooted in the past . Through knowledge, we just can find that repetition and not creativity. The human creative powers beings lies in the imagination.

African Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator . Purified especially the solar plexus.

Called crystal of abundance, it teach us how to attract wealth and success. It increases self-confidence , especially when you feel devalued . Also Promotes inner peace and joy and encourages good mood. In addition it strengthens concentration and mental clarity.


Mineral Description

The term comes from Latin which means citrus lemon, by reference to its color .

Chemical composition: SiO2 .

Silicon dioxide

Hardness: 7 .

Crystal system: Trigonal .

Formation: magma

Deposits : Brazil , Uruguay, Madagascar , Russia.

Purification and reloading: Distilles water, salt, lot of sun, Quartz clusters

Affirmation: I awaken to the inspiration of my creative imagination and, thanks to the strength of my will, aligned with the Divine will, I manifest my dreams!

NB : Citrine is a variety of quartz , the yellow color is due to the presence of trace amounts of iron oxides in the mineral and the extreme natural heat. Citrine is rarely in nature . Most often it is heated amethyst which becomes yellow instead of purple .


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