Keywords : Protection , purification, transmutation , Violet Flame , release dependencies , storage , concentration , intuition, meditation and facilitates communication with our guides and angels.
Elements : Wind
Chakras: 3rd eye (6th) , Crown (7th) , Etheric (8th)
– counter schematics and dependent behaviors
– Counter Nervous Diseases
– combat poisoning and addiction (alcohol, tobacco, drugs , games …)
– brain imbalance
– It calms all kinds of pain .
– Very effective for headaches , dizziness , insomnia ( it provides a peaceful and deep sleep ), the sleepwalking
– stress, anxiety
– diabetes , anemia, arthritis, asthma neuralgia
– bronchitis , laryngitis
– eczema


Amethyst description

Amethyst stone is a cardinal element of wind. It stimulates the ability of the mind, intuitive and paranormal , making Amethyst a powerful tool for spiritual growth and cognitive understanding. Then the vibration of this stone stimulates the higher mind and facilitates brain activity. Because of its ability to stimulate third eye chakras and the crown, and the etheric chakra, this stone is a choice for psychic opening and intuitive work. So, its inherent high frequency acts as a barrier against the lower energies and adverse environments , by making a valuable tool for protecting those doing psychic or intuitive work. The energy of the amethyst forms a cocoon of light around us and purifying our aura. Its protective power is immense and never equaled. So, Amethyst transforms the negative into a positive .

In addition, the Amethyst is a traditional meditation stone. Then, it creates communion and communication with our guides and angels. The emotional side , it can help us identify the root cause of our emotional schemas , our behavior and our habits that create imbalances and diseases. Finally this powerful ally helps us recognize our spiritual responsibilit living a physical experience .

In the environment, Amethyst will bring the feeling that we are surrounded and protected by this energy bubble. So, direct analogy with the subtle fields of the ” Violet Flame ” . For this reason, the Amethyst is a stone particularly recommended for everyone from healers and psychologists to teachers and truck drivers .

Traditionaly , was said to be capable of protecting against drunkenness ( Greek term amethytos : not drunk ) .


Mineralogical description 

Morphology : short prisms , terminated by rhombohedral faces.
Frequently twins , sometimes polysynthetic .
Chemical composition: Si O2 – Mn (silicon dioxide)
Hardness: 7
Crystal system: trigonal .
Deposits : Brazil, Uruguay , Ceylon , Canada, in the Urals , Zambia , Madagascar and Czechoslovakia and in the Massif Central in France .
Purification and reloading: Distilled water, moonlight.

Affirmation: I am purified, I feel grown up and protected through myconnection with the Divine!

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