Ammonite / Ammolite

Keywords : continuous change , evolution, infinity, endurance , vitality, removes negative energies, reconnects to the primitive cosmic energies
Elements: earth
Chakras: Root (1st) , third eye (6th)
– improves endurance and vitality
– blood pressure problems
– problems with ears
– degenerative disorders
– helps reduce the burden of depression


Ammonite description

There are 200 million years old ammonite lived in the sea Covered with sediment became fossil ( suffered a transmutation of the animal kingdom to the mineral kingdom ) .

The ammonite fossil is a very powerful healing of the earth. Its spiral shape symbolizes the continuous change and evolution. It symbolizes infinity and eternity too.  So, it absorbed cosmic energy through eons of time and they help us boost this latter through the life force energy ( Chi ) . The energy of the Ammonite also stimulates activation of the kundalini .

Then it is also often recommended to attract health , prosperity and success.

Finally,  it removes all negative energies. Think spirals of ammonites as a filter , taking these dense energies which are no longer necessary , by moving through the spiral and releasing the energy as positive living , fresh and soft.

Ammonite has the divine proportion to the number of gold in sacred geometry.
Ammonite named after the god Ammon , more commonly known as Jupiter, whose ram horns evoke the bumpy shell and spiral ammonite . Thus, Pliny the Elder used the term ammonis cornua , the horns of Ammon , to refer to these animals.
Ammon and ammonites come from a Greek word meaning sand.


Mineralogical description 

Outside aragonite , this stone also contains calcite , pyrite or silica . As well as other trace elements …
Mineral Class: biological (marine fossil)
Chemical Composition: CaCO3 ( complex with impurities )
Hardness: 3.5 to 5
Crystal System : N / A
Deposits : Madagascar , Canada
Purification and reloading : Distilled water , salt , quartz clusters , sun.

Chakras: They give the victory to the righteous causes ( heart chakra ) . They act as an antidote for poisons ( chakra solar plexus ) .

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HISTORY: Ammonites will be used by magicians to show " visions while sleeping ." In some northern islands of Scotland, the ammonite called " crampstone " password to cure cramps cows. In the Middle Ages it takes for snakes coiled tail center , headless, what is their name " snakestones " England. In Charente, the Cave of the ammonite ammonites has pierced with small holes . Indian as Greek gave the ammonites of healing powers. The people of the Himalayas carried ammonites called " wheels god" on the tops to worship their gods. A legend of Yorkshire , specifically Whitby, actually former small snakes that St. Hilda would lose head. The abbess had decided to build a church on a field infested with snakes . His prayers were all snakes turned to stone after losing their head. In memory of the legend, the ammonites snakehead found on the arms of the town of Whitby , home of St. Hilda . In India, ammonite fossils are identified with the god Vishnu and are used in various ceremonies. they are mainly collected in Nepal , in the bed of the Gandaki River where it passes through the Jurassic sediments . these fossils are known as " Shaligram Shila ." fossilization : At its ammonite death sinks to the bottom of the sea animal is eaten by small predators and it is more than the shell. Little by little the shell is covered by sand and sediment. The layers accumulate over time. Under the action of the pressure and chemical processes , the shell is slowly mineralized, meaning replaced by mineral such calcite.