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Keywords : Protection, anchor , pleasure in the physical experience , emotional purification

Elements : Earth, Fire

Chakra: Root (1st)

strengthens the blood and immune system
particularly helpful when counteracting disease from blood
reduces fever
stimulates the growth of hair and nails
valuable to stabilize the overflow of energy from the element of fire


Apaches Tears Obsidian description

Apaches Tears Obsidian , like most types of obsidian can be used to anchor…  And are excellent talisman to protect against all kinds of negative energies. They raise our level of psychic listening so that we can “feel” the approach of negative person , situation or energy. They can also be used to purify our auric field and etheric body of all kinds of unpleasant influences…  Whether astral parasites or limits that ourselves have chosen .

It is easily bind to our emotional body and can be used to identify and heal old wounds or emotional “baggage” that we can keep from the past, in this life or a previous one. Apaches tears facilitate processing and release emotional schemas frozen , especially those held in our level of consciousness. Meditating with Apache Tears may open the floodgates of grief, allowing the release of feeling that  been injured or victim.


” The Indian legend : After the Apaches had made ​​several raids peace in Arizona , the military waited for dawn to attack . The Confident Apaches in their safety were totally surprised and understaffed when they were attacked . Fifty people on seventy were killed , the rest of the tribe took refuge on the banks of a mountain and chooses to jump into the void rather than be killed by the hand of white man.  The family of the dead beings realized that not only 70 mens were killed but with them had died the fighting spirit of the Apaches .

Their sadness was so great and sincere that the Great Spirit decided to turn their tears into black stones.

This stone when exposed to light reveals transparent tears of Apache womens.

This stone brings luck to its owner, it is said that one who has a apache tears will no cry any more . ”

Mineralogical description 

variety of black obsidian, high silica volcanic glass containing less than 1 % water

usually semi- transparent and brownish black

Chemical composition: SiO2 ( silicon dioxide mainly )

Hardness: 5 to 5.5

Crystal system: amorphous , without cleavage , meaning that its structure contains no regular geometric pattern

Deposits : Mexico and the Southwest United States

Purification and reloading : Obsidian requires no purification , full moon, Quartz cluster

Affirmation: I say that the Earth is my home, I’m anchored , safe and protected , and I release all injuries or negativity that may hinder my spiritual growth !


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