Aqua Aura-Quartz


Alchemical process that amalgam Gold and pure Quartz .


Aqua Aura is a new stone, which have been linked to Atlantis. “Previously , the blue crystal was directly connected to the stone that had been bring by the 12 Elohim, wich who sacrificed during initialization of Atlantis and avoided that dies, in humanity , the Holy Spirit. This Blue crystal was placed on this earth in order to bring humanity, through the form fields and created force, at his unit. It was, in somehow the promise of his return to the Unit . The color which is called Aqua Aura Quartz is a perfect fit with this blue crystal even if it is not a rock crystal itself. The Vibration is substantially the same and it is linked to the Sirius star . ”

Keywords : calm and relaxation, relationship with the spiritual realms , improved communication , psychic protection              Element : Water

Chakras: Throat (5th) , third eye (6th)

Clarifies the throat chakra and releases its blockage .
Strengthens the thymus and immune system .
Throat infections , stomach ulcers and stress
On skin, reduces inflammation, sunburn and stiff neck or muscle .


Aqua Aura Quartz description

Aqua Aura Quartz is highly stimulating to the throat chakra , helping to sincere communication , and have also a  calming and relaxing effect on the emotional body.

Minimize emotional stress is an excellent preventive measure because it can weaken the immune system . Aqua Aura Quartz brings comfort in mind and well- being for the body , since it frees us from chaotic energy schemas and stress. So, it causes a peaceful and healing resonance .

Extremely powerful combination of protection. Then, it eliminate negativity present in the subtil energetic body and  the spiritual body connections with universal energies.

Aqua Aura Quartz  also protect the wearer against psychic or psychological attack. Unwanted intrusion from external sources will be dissipated rapidly being transformed into immaculate energy, pure and loving , which may then be safely used to cure the situation behind the attack. More there is external forces attacking our energy fields , the more energy will be available to us to heal the cause. Aqua Aura Quartz discourage malicious or parasitic energies involved in our energy fields .

In meditation it opens the gates of the angelic kingdom. It stimulates our link with the higher kingdoms vibration , facilitating and channeling all kinds of interdimensional communications.   Aqua Aura Quartz has a very high and intense vibration. It is used to activate the power for the other minerals healing work and can be a powerful stone when used in the arrangement of the crystal body for activating all the chakras .

Aqua Aura Quartz wear can help us to shine our inner beauty, to attract wealth and success, it brings esoteric wisdom , relieve depression and anxiety , and help create an aura of peace and well-being for ourselves and our environment .

It develops inner listening , expressing wisdom and personal radiance .


Mineralogical description

Aqua aura is a combination of rock crystal and pure gold, artificially created in the laboratory by taking natural formations of quartz crystal and animating with pure gold, by covering of golden smoke . It is created in a vacuum chamber from quartz crystals and gold steam by a process known as ” vapor deposition ” . Quartz is heated to 871 ° C in a vacuum, then steam gold added to the room. The  gold atoms fused to the crystal surface , which gives metal reflect.

Chemical composition: SiO2 (silicon dioxide )

Hardness: 7

Crystal system: trigonal (hexagonal )

Deposits :  in  laboratory.

Purification and reloading : Distilled water , salt , sun

Affirmation: My auric field is filled with peace and well -being; I’m protected from harm and in harmony with the vibrations of the higher worlds !


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