Banded Carnalian-Banded-Tumbled-stones


Keywords : vitality, passion, insurance , courage , action, change, sociability

Elements : fire

Chakras: sacred / haras (2nd), Solar Plexus (3rd)

Problems: Cold, fever

minor bleeding , nosebleed, heal wounds

very beneficial for the liver

great supports to detoxify from alcohol and other drugs

particularly useful in the cure of the ovaries and testes

childbirth, erectile dysfunction , fertility


Banded Carnalian description

In ancient times, it was believed that Carnalian gave courage to the wearer in battle , and transformed shy orator someone eloquent and assured. Banded Carnalian active first 3 chakras, introducing a vital flow of force , sexual and creative energies and insured will. It is a powerful help for those who wish to develop in them the insurance , courage , passion and power. Without the vitality of physical energies , we can not take pleasure in life or have much influence on it.

So, it attracts positive in our lives .

In addition, it is a stone of sociability which helps to go instinctively to other ( helps to attract good friends , good relations). Social communication and self-expression. Banded Carnalian helps us to assert our feelings and our instinctual needs and gain confidence in what they dictate to us . So, it helps to overcome fear of acting or making bad measures , embracing change and transformation in our lives. It motivates the wearer success.

Very useful for the work of manifestation, it takes action to manifest our goals and dreams greatest. Helps to give life to his ideas, to create and infuse a soul to his creations.

Stone of life , it helps us get through all the cycles of death and rebirth , or intense changes.

Mineralogical description

Chemical composition: SiO2 .

Silicon dioxide .

Hardness: 6,5 – 7.

Crystal system: Trigonal .

Formation: magma .

Deposits : Brazil , Uruguay, Madagascar , India ( the most beautiful ) .

Purification and reloading : Distilled water, salt, Sunlight, quartz cluster.

Affirmation: I am filled with vital energy of life, and I act with confidence and control!


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