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Keywords : paranormal abilities, communication with nature, memories of past lives , telepathy, empathy

Elements : storm

Chakras: all, especially the 3rd eye (6th) and heart (4th)

Problems :
physical trauma , strokes …
heal the brain during trauma , stroke or heart attack
using surgery


Black kyanite description

The frequency of Kyanite is connected to all the chakras. The blue has a strong link with the third eye chakra , green with the heart chakra and the black kyanite at the base and the star of the earth, while the orange connects to the sacral chakra . So, Kyanite is the crystal connection building energy bridges across dimensions.

Blue Kyanite carries a high vibrational energy , which enables rapid transfer energy ( ability to download information from higher sources). It facilitates telepathic communication and energy transfer from person to person .

Blue Kyanite triggers paranormal abilities, facilitates communication with higher beings and can be used to open the third eye during meditation and healing sessions . So, it fills blockages in the etheric and physical bodies , and helps protect the auric fields intrusions.

Indigo Kyanite also stimulates the third eye chakra allowing better psychic ability and a better insight so that the true nature of a situation can be observed and taken into account with integrity.

Green Kyanite connects to the heart chakra allowing everyone to “feel” and act with a conscience centered on the heart . It builds a bridge to connect to nature and to be in equilibrium with it . It allows connection to nature spirits and Devas .

Black Kyanite connects to the base chakra and the star of the Earth promoting anchorage. It also removes energy blockages by removing imbalances in the energy fields and thus helps to energize and increase its own vibrations.

Orange Kyanite connects to the sacral chakra so that we can freely express his creativity and sexuality.

In this way , the energy of kyanite can build bridges and form new energy pathways . It also may well assist in the healing of fractures , physical trauma by surgery or trauma blows.



Mineralogical description 

In forming an elongate , flat , blade -like . It has a very high range of color, the most common being metaphysical blue colors, including indigo, green and black, but can also be found in white, pink , yellow, orange and gray.

Chemical composition: (63.1% Al2O3 and 36.9 % SiO2)

Aluminum silicate

Hardness: 5.5 to 7

Crystal system: triclinic forming prismatic crystals

Deposits : Brazil, South Africa , Switzerland , Kenya, Mexico , USA, Myamnmar

Purification and reloading : Distilled water , no salt, quartz clusters , moonlight

Affirmation: I cross the inner bridges to my growth, opening onto the etheric realms, the world of nature and the land of my heart!

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2" thick, 2" thin


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