Blue lace agate- chalcedony-tumblede-stones


Keywords : communication, clarity, confidence
Elements: water
Chakra: Throat (5th)
Problems :
– sore throat
– laryngitis
– inflammation in the throat area
– thymus , thyroid


Blue Lace Agate description

The frequency of blue lace agate opens and clears the throat chakra . Then it helps to ” find words ” to share its supreme truth with others, and it helps build confidence needed to take his place and speak all situations. In addition, it is a stone to increase the values ​​of loyalty and trust.  For those who use affirmations, Blue Lace Agate is a great tool because it strengthens the chakra throat and amplifies the power comes through. It is also the ” stone diplomat ” , because of its ability to support the person to express his thoughts and heart in a way that others can hear .   In the same way, this stone helps those who have difficulty expressing themselves for fear of being judged by others or because of their own insecurity .

Finally, Blue Lace Agate its the stone of communication, clarity and confidence.

Displays bands complex patterns in shades of pale blue and white.

Mineralogical description 

Origin of name: the Achates River ( Sicily)
variety of chalcedony with bands of quartz mineral group
Chemical composition: Silicon dioxide , SiO2
Hardness: 7
Crystal system: trigonal
Deposits : The majority of the best comes from South Africa , Romania
Purification and reloading : Distilled water, salty, sun, quartz clusters

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