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VERY Big Buddha scale.

By his features and his bearing that emerges in, this makes it a unique and particular Buddha! You will therefore perceive energy both serene and protective that surround you.

Love at first sight !!




Premium Buddha in polyresin: indoor/outdoor


Sitting in meditative lotus posture with the feet visible. Gesture symbol of protection and fearlessness, this mudrā evokes the episode where the Buddha was attacked by an angry bull in the streets of Rajagriha. The animal, known for his bad temper, had stables Ajatasatru King of Magadha; he was intoxicated at the instigation of Devadatta, the “bad cousin” of the Buddha who tried to assassinate him … But the elephant came before the Master, was subdued by his serenity, stopped short and knelt before him to honor him.

Abhaya-mudrā; a gesture of fearlessness, protection. While being centered on the heart!!

Figure: Siddhartha Gautama Śākyamuni – Buddha

Size: 61cm L x 61 cm W x 100cm H (24″ x 24″ x 39″)

Weight: 25000g (25kg)

Material: resin

Color: Bronze

Code: #BDS-1673

This Buddha stands as stated by its high quality of carving on the expression of the face and the attention to detail.


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