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This chakra is located at the base of the spine, it is the seat of Kundalini, coiled on itself like a snake. This is the real root of our tree of life, the place of cosmotelluric forces that drive us as a fountain … In a way, one could compare it to the molten magma that is the core of the Earth and as a volcano may erupt … the physical survival is the main concern of those whose energy is focused on the root chakra. Fear of being hurt physically or psychologically can invade their thoughts or they will tend to hurt others. If this chakra lack of energy, there is a risk of becoming apathetic, lack of will, self-confidence, feel threatened, anxious and worried.



Sanskrit name: Muladhara

Meaning: root or foundation

Common Name: Root Chakra or coccyx

Location: under the perineum

• rooting
• survival
• security
• Wellness
• Physical Life

• Mother Earth
• With the physical world
• Life Experience 1 to 7 years

Body / Aura: Etheric

Glands: Adrenal – survival glands, essential to the incarnation.

• Adrenaline
• Norepinephrine

• spine, bones, teeth, hair, everything is hard and bony bottom of organs (anus, rectum, legs, feet)
• immune system (bone marrow, blood cells)

Sens: Smell

• Human Reproduction (will)
• prenatal experiences, birth and post-natal to age 7 years, will affect the formation of this chakra. These experiences will influence all life.

Strengths: Ability to defend
Energy Form: Solitude

Creative energy:
• This chakra connects us to the physical world and the Earth.
• It is the seat of kundalini

Manifested energy:
• With the 1st chakra, we can be good in your body … or not.
• Need logic, order and structure

Psychological influences:
• feelings and emotions with our feeling of being in our body.
• This depends on the first chakra emotional and family environment. Survival instinct, natural family, sense of security and comfort.
• feeling of being at home, in his place.
• Security feeling
• order and cohesion within the family and society.
• nightmares (not enough vital energy).
• Difficulty staying positive
• eating disorders have their origin in this chakra (eating by compensation).
• notwithstanding any compensation, feeling of not being satisfied. This generates compulsions to eat, work … bulimia, annorexie …

Essential oils:
• Cinnamon
• Cedar
• Clove
• Myrrh
• Nar
• Patchouli
• Tea tree …

• Lower back pain (1st and 3rd chakra)
• Hemorrhoids
• Sciatica
• All bones, coccyx
• Varicose veins and leg
• Tumor rectum
• Depression
• Autoimmune Diseases
• Immune Problems
• Cholesterol

• Fear of losing material survival
• the abandonment of Fear
• Fear of disruption (hardware, in daily life, do not be grounded)
• Fear of dying
• Fear of staying alive
• Fear: shelter (house), food (loss), basic need, change, support, letting go, feed and care body.
• These fears appear during transitions (change of job, relationship, city, country …)

spiritual aspect:
• Through this chakra we are on Earth to learn a spiritual lesson worldwide equipment
• Connected to the vital world and our ability to live in our bodies

Food: Protein

Color: Red

Right: To have

Element: Earth

Mantra: Lam

Metal: Lead

• Hematite
• Garnet
• Ruby …

Keyword: I am

Note: Do

Planet: Earth and Saturn

To remember

Root Chakra balanced :
physical vitality, sense of well-being, feeling of being well anchored feeling of being centered, loving sexually and master of oneself.

Overdeveloped root chakra:
Trends in excess of physical and material pleasures: accumulation of property, race to wealth, overeating, excessive drinking and smoking, sex obsession.
Tendencies to selfishness, lack of generosity.
Trends in blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, to overweight, post-prendiaux ailments, heart alerts.
Authoritarian tendencies, angry and sometimes violent hyperactivity.

Root Chakra weak or blocked:
Trends daydreaming, forgetfulness, lack of memory or storage failure, distraction, boredom, laziness, apatie, lack of fighting spirit and dynamism, instability. Excess material problems, inability to solve, trends to escape reality.

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