2nd Chakra


This chakra is the center of sexual energy and reproduction, but also that of power in human relationships and relationships with others be it emotional or sexual. This is the chakra of the association. He will teach us everything related to sexuality, labor, material desire. It is the center of the pleasant penchant for food, drink and material comforts. Those whose energy is concentrated in this chakra will be attracted to the experiences and sensual pleasures. This Chakra is the source of vitality of the etheric body and governs sexuality and conception as well as love / hate relationship. Transcending this chakra is to ignore everything we love and hate in order to consider all things as parts of a whole.



Sanskrit name: Swadhisthana

Meaning: Residence Self

Common name: Sacred Chakra

FR: just above the pubic bone
BACK: sacrum S3

• emotions
• sexuality, desires
• stimulates physical, artistic and sexual creativity
• relations with the money and work
• vitality

• Emotional
• Life experiences from 7 to 14 years
• anything that gives the impression of exercising control over our authority around us.
• blame the feelings of power, control
• money, sex, creativity

Body / Aura: emotional

Glands: gonads (ovaries and testes)

Hormones: Estrogen – Progesterone – Testosterone

• ovaries and testes in their endocrine portion (Testosterone secretion of hormones).
• kidney, colon, appendix, bladder, urinary tract.
• lumbar vertebrae, pelvis, sacrum and hips (not bone).
• lumbar vertebrae, pelvis, sacrum and hips (not bone).
• fluids: bile, water, vaginal mucus, milk, lymph, blood, semen, urine, tears, sweat, cerebrospinal fluid.

Sens: Taste

• it will make us learn all that is related to sexuality, labor, material desire.
• fresh energy of this chakra will be broadcast from 7 years. At this age, the child begins to individualize develop links and begins to choose.

• energy, perseverance
• ability to support herself
• ability to defend and protect themselves
• ability to take risks
• ability to fight or flee
• ability to bereavement of a loved one and get back to living
• ability to recover in the event of financial losses
• ability to rebel and start over
• ability to make personal or business decisions
• strength required to do

Energy Form: Fluid

creative energy:
• associated with issues of physical survival – sex – power – money – relationships
• seat of desire and the ability to give life
• if the creative energy is blocked, it will lead to impotence, infertility, vaginal infections, endometriosis, depression.

manifested energy:
• It helps develop personal identity and the defense mechanisms against the world outside and the attractions of the outside world – money – drink – sex – drugs
• It helps develop: – self-sufficiency – self esteem – sexual energy – creativity – the feeling of belonging to a group – all experiences from 8 to 14 years

psychological influences:
• power of human relationships
• put in touch with others, whether emotional or sexual …
• the energy of the second chakra changes from an attitude of obedience with exploration reports with others, to satisfy our personal and material needs.
• if there is imbalance, this chakra will be hidden
• If this chakra is balanced, we will be in harmony with ourselves, with sex.
• Self esteem and confidence, creativity
• healthy attitudes about sex
• state of satisfaction

 Essential oils:
• Lunar Water (for women, except pregnant women, menstruating)
• Ylang Ylang (for women)
• Jasmin (for women)
• Lavender (for everyone – calming, soothing)
• Sandalwood (for everyone – calming, soothing)

The ill caused by this chakra are activated by fear of loss of control.
• cancer (prostate, ovaries)
• Chronic pain in the hips
• fibroids
• menopause (which accompanies the menopause: hot, pain …)
• rheumatism
• sacrum
• sciatica
• gynecological disorders
• Urinary problems

• Fear of losing control of oneself
• fear of being dominated by someone else
• Fear of losing control
• fear of rape
• Fear of being betrayed
• Fear of impotence (at all levels)
• fear of lack of self-confidence
• fear of abandonment
• fear of losing his physical strength

spiritual aspect: Consciousness-up energy of the sacral chakra allows us to transform the vital energies provided by the base chakra into a creative energy.

Food: Liquids

Color: Orange

Right: To feel

Element: Water

Mantra: Vam

Metal: Tin

Minerals: Citrine – Reef – Carnelian …

Keyword: I feel

Note: Re

Planet: Moon

To remember

Sacral chakra balanced: You are in touch with your emotions and you trusts the other.

Sacral Chakra overdeveloped: Nature hyperemotional, aggression, excessive ambition, manipulative nature obsession with sexuality. Trends in sexual bulimia, in nymphomania, to priapism, the practice of sexual intercourse without communion. Search for partners whose only identification is the sex business in the sexual act. Exaggeration of unfulfilled fantasies, frustration.

Sacral chakra weak or blocked: blockages due to too rigid or too prudish upbringing that forbade, obscured or misrepresented the subject of sex. Trends shyness, lack of confidence, lack of natural behaviors compensation folds on itself, onanism. Coldness, rejection of sexual intercourse, touching and fondling, frigidity, impotence, fear of the other, drowsiness emotions, little taste for life.

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