3nd Chakra


This chakra is the center of distribution of physical energy and digestion. It is associated with the ego and the mental body. It reacts to the thoughts associated with fear, anxiety and worry.

From majority of us, this chakra is still unbalanced by our emotional stress. Through this chakra, we can perceive the thoughts and emotions of others and possibly draw energy consciously or not, among the people with whom we come in contact. It is possible to protect the solar plexus visualizing a golden disc on its location.

Just as the sun illuminates the world and allows us to see, the third chakra promotes our contacts with the outside. At the subtle level, it is partly through it that we approach people and events.



Sanskrit name: Manipura

Meaning: City of Jewels

Common Name: Chakra Solar

FR: solar plexus, at the meeting point of the coast, below the xiphoid
BACK: D11-D12 dorsal chakras

• center of all the energy, all the emotions
• self-esteem
• Personal Power
• will

Links: Life experiences from 14 to 21 years. They are critical and will condition this chakra when its operation and capabilities.

Body / Aura: Mental

Glands: Pancreas

Hormones: Insulin

• stomach, liver, small intestine, spleen, gall bladder
• joints, muscles
• part of the spine at the rear (not bone)

Sens: View

• become strong, healthy
• achieve what is important to heart
• be transformed by this chakra, for this own. Then send it to our children.
• This “hardware” will be improved, will be complemented by our actions and behaviors.
• throughout our lives we can change, evolve our DNA, according to our thoughts.
• there is healing, there’s bound DNA modification.

• Ego
• ability to handle crisis situations
• courage to take risks
• discipline
• ethics
• self-esteem
• strength of character
• generosity

Energy Form: Plasma

Creative energy: Recover the esteem of self by giving a beautiful identity is with the 3rd chakra, through the 4th.

Manifested energy:
• starting point of an autonomic nerve, which will go activate the attached organs outside our aware and in control of our emotions.
• negative emotions will send toxins related organs
• 3rd chakra will therefore innervate this region
• All Fears, all the emotions will therefore affect all

Psychological influences:
• as long as one is judged and that we give negative labels, we can not develop the heart chakra.
• regain the esteem of self by giving a nice identity, opens the third chakra, then develop the heart chakra.
• Meditation helps to stem the emotion
• all diseases whose origin is due to the third chakra are consecutive to the love of self.
• sensitivity to criticism
• Support for Self

 Essential oils:
• Bergamot
• Cinnamon
• Lavender
• Rosemary …

• anorexia and bulimia
• arthritis
• adrenal gland problems
• malfunction of the liver, hepatitis
• intestinal problems and colon
• all diseases with “ite”
• all the autonomic nervous system disorders
• spasmophilia (heart problem due to anxiety)
• stomach ulcer, duodenal
• lumbar vertebrae (bones out)

• Fear of abandonment
• Fear of rejection
• Fear of criticism
• Fear of ridicule
• Fear of not being at the height
• Fear of obesity
• Fear of baldness
• Old Age Fear
• Fear of feelings disclosed

 spiritual aspect:
• lessons relating to the personality and self esteem
• ability to handle situations, courage to take risks.
• ethics
• generosity
• strength of character

Food: Carbohydrates

Color: Golden Yellow

Right: To act

Element: Fire

Mantra: Ram

Metal: Iron

• Amber
• Citrine
• Imperial Topaz …

Keyword: I want

Note: Mi

Planet: Mars and Sun

To remember

Balanced solar plexus chakra: Respect for oneself and for others, open, joyful, relaxed, spontaneous, uninhibited, warm, taste for physical activity.

Overdeveloped solar plexus chakra:
Can you push yourself to erect judge, make you a workaholic, perfectionist and bitter toward authority.Oversizing of this chakra: authoritarian tendencies self against self and others. Will always have reason to control everything, to dominate everything.
• Research estimates it at all costs.
• Tend to dissatisfaction, lack of respect for self and others, irritability. monomaniac tendencies, lack of interest and attention for others, chronic rudeness and disrespect of others, deficiencies in the ability to listen.

Weak or blocked solar plexus chakra: Lack of fighting spirit, tend to abandon the projects face obstacles they raise, no revolt instinct submission to the orders and desires of others, lack of assertive personality, its own landfill desires, nervousness, shyness, physical coordination defects under the influence of emotion, lack of entrepreneurship, excessive erasure.

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